¿ How will the future of 2030 Pages and Blogs?

Wow, as time goes by, the Internet is evolving by leaps and bounds, the great monsters of technology too , innovate and always try to find something innovative ... because innovating is money $$.When you invent a product or solution that does not exist on the market, no matter which location or branch you are, means you are at a business opportunity incredible !Recently, working for the development of a website, for an SME here in my beautiful and beloved Mexico , one of the founders of the SME asked me,What if it was true that the webs ceased to exist in a few years?I stayed like this ...Seriously?The truth is that we cannot predict what will happen in a few years, but you can see what is happening now and take advantage of it.The pages web and blogs WordPress remain a business of millions of dollars annually, just recently, Google announced it had grown by 35% more advertising revenue on the web last year (2019)It means that people is giving much more weight to pages web.In addition…

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